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Modern Steel Constructions


"Outstanding Exporter 2018" Award

~Association of Polish Exporters



Preconstruction Planning

In response to your quotation we prepare a detailed and reliable plan based on our experience acquired from hundreds of finished projects. The scope of pre-construction services is tailored to your needs and goals depending on the design phase, type of the construction and the environment it shall be installed in.

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3D Laser Cutting

Apart from basic steel works Poner performs 3D laser cutting by MAZAK FABRI GEAR 300 and provides 3D design services on the basis of received solid models in commonly used file formats. It allows us to make comprehensive constructions including the penetration of steel tubes, hollow sections as well as HEA/B, IPN/E, UPN/E and L profiles.

Production and Delivery

While ensuring the latest quality standards, we take action to produce the elements with precision and care. Our QA team is your ambassador at our company and makes sure you will be satisfied with the quality of the construction.

Afterwards, the elements are safely packed for transport and delivered to you in an organized manner.

Installation on Site

Following the delivery, we are always ready to install (at the time already yours) construction at the designated place. Our installation team and the production team have an easy way of communication, so that we can react quickly to any unforeseen circumstances. We are flexible, open for dialogue and ready for any additional tasks. 


The history of our firm dates back to the year 1973, when it was the one of 6 companies, forming the plant “Ponar-Remo” Warsaw.  At that time the object of the firm’s activity included the overhauls of machine tools.

The privatization of the firm was in 2006. The newly-created company operated with the name PONAR REMO sp. z o.o. Our idea was to change the old, ineffective organisation into an innovative company competing on the Polish and the European market. To achieve our goal we had to hire new specialists and raise qualifications of the existing personnel.

In that way we "poner le fundamentos" (spanish: laid the fundaments) of the new company.

From this reason we changed the name of the company. The new name “PONER” is currently in force.


Poner sp. z o.o. is a dynamically developing company dealing with the construction of steel structures and tanks. We carry out large and prestigious construction projects, acting as a general contractor and also serving domestic and foreign partners. We currently offer design, production, renovation and modernization. We make class I steel constructions in accordance with PN-M-69008 and PN-B-06200; pipelines; non-pressure, low-pressure tanks for storing toxic, corrosive and flammable materials.

PONER sp. z o.o. has a R&D department which's aim is to adjust the growth of the company to the needs of the society and therefore the development of the market.

Current main R&D Project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.



Year Established


Projects Completed


Contractors Appointed


Visited Throughout






Along the years of our activity on the market and throughout many projects done, we have accumulated rich experience in producing and installing steel constructions up to the client's standards and goals, we offer it to you as a part of our future cooperation.



Our database of suppliers is widely developed. We know who can be trusted with delivering first-rate materials  so that the end product is of the best quality.



We hold the certificates:

  • PN-EN ISO 9001:2015

  • PN-EN ISO 3834-2:2007

  • PN-EN ISO 1090+A1:2012

  • Directive 2014/68/UE (A2 Module)

  • DNV GL rules for classification (Ships)

  • DNV GL class programme DNVGL-CP-0352 – Approval of manufacturers - Manufacture  of welded products - Welding workshop

  • SCC-P:2011

  • Fachbetrieb nach WHG

  • of the Polish Military Technical Committee

  • of the Polish Transportation Technical Committee

  • of the Polish National Technical Committee

>>Check our certificates<<



Our professionals consist of experienced workers who were with us from the beginning, as well as of open-minded young skilled people with wide imagination. Throughout the co-operation you are sure that any obstacle will be overcome with the best solution chosen from many possible.



Head Office

Mianowice 3A

63-600, Kępno

Tel: +48 62 791 10 10

Fax: +48 62 791 10 11


For any inquiries, questions or commendations,

please call: +48 62 791 10 10

or e-mail:

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